Here For You

As a student and as a teacher, I understand how frustrating and overwhelming school can be. School did not come easily to me as a student; I had to work diligently for my success. Through this journey, I had some stumbles, but I learned from each misstep along the way.

As a teacher, I see how students doubt their ability. These feelings cloud their mindset with results of lackluster performance in school, grades, and life.

It does not have to be this way. With supportive coaching and guidance, every student can achieve their success, including you.

What I Bring to the Table

I have worked with thousands of students over the years, from middle and high schoolers to graduate students. I recognize the commonalities of student’s struggles with learning and understand that each student’s success looks different to their individual needs and goals. Becoming the best student you can be does not have to come in a one-size-fits-all education package; it comes in different shapes and sizes that are unique to the student you are.


From being a student to teaching students, I have been in school for over 35 years. I love to learn and I am passionate about helping others learn. You are capable of being a better student. Let’s see what you can do.


There are patterns of continuity and change in everything. These patterns connect to how we all are similar and different, which includes how we learn. Let’s figure out the pieces that fit together to make you a better student.


Learning is a process of trial and error. Within this process, there are commonalities that lead individuals to be successful students. Together, we will figure out what works for you as a student and as an individual.


Responsive education practices focus on how learning can best be achieved through formal and informal ways of education. We will respond to the needs and goals you have now as a student, but also the knowledge and skills to obtain success in the future.


Bringing passion, personalization, purpose, and responsiveness to your learning will transform you as a student. Transformation creates linkages in our learning experiences so we can use our knowledge and skills for progressive success academically, personally, and down the road, professionally.

The Power of You

Whether you are a student or someone who wants to support a student in their learning journey, let me help you be a better student to reach your full potential for academic success.

About Me

My Professional and Academic Experience

My Teaching Roots | Open to read more about my love affair with teaching and learning history.

I am passionate about the teaching and learning of history. Aren’t all history teachers supposed to say that? Perhaps, but I mean it. Ever since exploring colonial Jamestown and the historic sites of Washington, D.C. as a kid, I have had a love affair with history. It intrigues me how various points in time and place are interconnected with seemingly random actions, events, ideas, and people. This is what excites me about history, both as a student and a teacher of history.

Yes, I still consider myself a student in addition to a teacher. I love learning and sharing that passion for learning. As a student, understanding those relationships and linkages in history drives me to learn more. This is my goal as an educator as well. Whether students are learning about the American Revolution, Asian and European imperialism, or 20th-century independence movements, I want my students to make meaning of the historical past and how it connects to us today. Dates and facts are important, but what sticks in your mind is how the various puzzle pieces of the past link together. Ultimately, I want my students to walk away with the realization that history is not just one version of events, but within the human historical narrative, there are multiple ways of knowing how the past has become the present and will shape the future.

My Interdisciplinary Branches | Open to read how my love of history has progressed my understanding and pursuit of better student learning.

Over the past several years, I have had a transformation in my approach to teaching and learning history. It came about as a happy coincidence. Based on my own education and research experience, my school administrator asked if I wanted to teach a new class piloted by College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program. It focuses on student-centered learning through interdisciplinary topics and research. Within the curriculum, students build their critical thinking, reading, research, and writing skills. I was all for it!

This experience led me to teach similar undergraduate classes that focus on interdisciplinary studies that guide students to become better in their learning, professions, and life. What I have learned as an educator from these experiences is a greater appreciation for my first academic love: history.

History is the study of knowledge. History is not an isolated subject. This knowledge transcends all other academic fields because it teaches us about the world we leave in, how it came to be, and where it might be going. Within this progression, we are learning the skills of making connections, identifying patterns, formulating arguments, conducting research, problem-solving, writing and communication, and generally the skills that make us successful at who we are and want to be.

Teaching | 2003-present

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Capstone Seminar
  • Capstone Research
  • European History
  • U.S. Government & Politics
  • U.S. History

Honors, Regular, & Inclusion

  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Reading

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching

  • Information Literacy
  • Interdisciplinary Research Capstone
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Teaching History & Social Studies Methods for Pre-Service Teachers


  • Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies | DePaul University
  • MA in Teaching & Learning | DePaul University
  • BA in History | Bellarmine University
  • Certified Illinois secondary teaching license
  • Accredited College Board AP teacher

About Histropolis Teaching & Learning | HTL was created out of a drive to develop purposeful, responsive, and transformative learning for all students through personalized student tutoring, teacher coaching, and curriculum development services.