Have you ever felt like…

  • you are the only one in class that can’t define plebeians?
  • a deer in the headlights and pray that the teacher does not call on you because you can’t remember who started the Franco-Prussian War?
  • you have sweaty palms and a queasy stomach because you can’t identify the 32nd U.S. president?

Do you want to gain confidence in your history class?

All It Takes is 1

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin studying? All it takes is to start with one topic. It doesn’t matter which one, just pick one.

For APUSH, start with the American Revolution. AP Euro, the French Revolution. AP World, the Chinese Revolution.

Connecting the Dots

See a theme yet? If you want to take a different approach to studying history beyond facts, look at a theme and see how you can connect larger trends to it. A theme can be anything from revolution to epidemic diseases. Use actions, events, and ideas to connect the dots between those random facts.

Don’t Be That Deer in the Headlights

Whether you want to memorize facts, create a historical argument, or figure out why humans keep making the same mistakes, you need tools to make meaning of history.

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In this toolkit, you have access to:

  • 6 graphic organizer templates based on historical thinking concepts,
  • guidance on using the graphic organizers to create meaning of history for you,
  • examples of how to use the toolkit to understand the historical thinking skills and factual content on the AP exam.

Plus, you will find out a secret that your teacher may not want you to know.

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