The secret to effective note taking is not some elusive holy grail or treasure at the bottom of the sea. It is much closer than you might realize; it is you. Yes, you. There is no magic bullet when it comes to a perfect way to take notes.

Effective Note Taking is Personal

Over the years, from primary school to my doctoral research, I attempted to figure out the way to take effective notes. Even as an education professional and experienced teacher, I searched for the best note-taking methods for my students, whether it is from their textbook reading, viewing a documentary, or conducting research. After trying countless types of note-taking strategies, tips, and tools, I have come to the realization that note taking is a personal form of art. Meaning, note taking is as unique as you are. Even though we all fall into certain personality types, the note-taking system that works best for you may not be the exact way that works for me.

Effective Note Taking Is a Process

Despite this discovery, we can learn from each other to find the right balance of tips, tools, and tricks that allow us to create effective notes, which brings value to our learning. As with everything else with learning, note taking is a process and we grow from experiencing that process, not just the end result.

In this blog series, I am going to share with you strategies, tools, and ways of taking effective notes. The number one rule to keep in mind throughout this process is that there is no one correct way to take notes as long as they work for you. With this rule, it is best to stay flexible and responsive to your learning needs, because this allows for your note-taking skills to evolve with you, the unique learner that you are. So, with everything that I will share with you is from my perspective as a learner and what I have observed from my many years of teaching in the classroom. Your task is to explore all the possibilities and see which combination works best for you.

Let’s Get Started

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Now, let’s get started. Where to start? Let’s build a foundation: Building a Home For Your Notes.

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