There is one reason why your student needs tutoring, but it is not what you think it is. Parents and teachers often think that the only reason a student needs tutoring is due to failing grades. This is not the case. Yes, tutoring is a valuable tool and way to improve student’s grades. However, there are often underlying causes to those failing grades. Whether or not your student is currently failing a class, there are four areas why every student, including yours, can benefit from tutoring:

  • Academic support
  • Student success
  • 21st-century skill development
  • Enrichment.

One Reason Why Your Student Needs Tutoring: They Are One Individual

Education is the process of teaching and learning. The process of teaching and learning is a personal experience, an individual endeavor. Each one of us is unique in how we understand, retain, and apply new knowledge and skills.

In just how we learn, how individuals teach is also a personal and unique experience. All of us have had both positive and not so great learning experiences. Even with the best classroom teachers in ideal circumstances, it is challenging for each student to receive the personal attention needed to excel to their full potential. This is where academic tutoring comes into play.

Improving One’s Self

As a fellow educator recently reminded me, tutoring is often not about a student not knowing how to do something, but how to do it better. With all the access to technology and services in our modern society, it is challenging to find the resources, strategies, and tools that help students grow and develop academically based on their unique characteristics, personalities, and talents.

Imagine an individual learner is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each individual learns best with a distinct set of resources, strategies, and tools. There are not two of us who learn how to do something in the same way as someone else. Just like an athlete or a performer at the top of their game, it is essential to gain extra support to guide a student’s learning experience.

Too Many Options, Where to Begin?

There are thousands of products, methods, and ideas to help us teach and learn. Education is overwhelming; teachers, students, and parents have too many options to choose from, which can make us feel like deer in headlights. We become overwhelmed and confused about what will work for each individual. How are we to understand what will work for us (the learner) the best? Education is a process. Sometimes it feels like trial and error, but this is how we know what works for each of us individually.

What is Tutoring?

tutor – noun | tu·tor |  \\ˈtü-tər | : to teach or guide in a particular subject or purpose; related: coach – to instruct, guide, or train

There are various formats and styles of tutoring.

  • Synchronous tutoring – tutoring that occurs at the same time, in-person or online
  • Asynchronous tutoring – tutoring that does not occur at the same time and place; this may happen through various mediums including text and video/visual-based platforms
  • In-person tutoring – a tutoring space where the teacher and student meet face-to-face
  • Online tutoring – a virtual tutoring space where the teacher and student meet through some form of technology with audio and visual capabilities (ex. FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts)

You can think of a tutor in many ways. In addition to the term tutor, you can think of them as a teacher, coach, mentor, expert, guide, or counselor. The tutoring process can include teaching, reteaching, review, practice, scaffolding (breaking down into smaller parts), or deeper analysis to make meaning and significance.

What Then is History Tutoring?

What does tutoring look like in history? Help with reading and understanding the textbook. Taking effective notes. Understanding chronology and how one event affects the next. Reading maps and charts. Comprehending and analyzing primary and secondary sources. Writing. And much more.

History is about developing an awareness of how the past connects to the present and influences the future through multiple and sometimes competing narratives and points of view. History is about the story of humanity and civilization, from our local community to the globalized world.

Why do students need a history tutor? Even more, why do students need ongoing history learning support?

You will find in the mindmap below four major areas outlined why history tutoring is important for each student: Academic support, student success, 21st-century skills, and enrichment. The aims listed refer to student short and long-term goals, in and outside the classroom environment.

What areas does your student need guidance and support? Let me know by sending me a message.

Histropolis T&L focuses on personalizing history teaching and learning, so teachers, students, and parents have the knowledge and tools needed for successful and long-lasting academic engagement.

Whether you are a student who needs help, a parent that sees their child struggling, or a teacher who knows a student that needs extra support outside of class, I can customize a history tutoring experience so every student can succeed.

About Histropolis Teaching & Learning | HTL was created out of a drive to develop purposeful, responsive, and transformative learning for all students through personalized student tutoring, teacher coaching, and curriculum development services.

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Need help writing argument-based essays in your history class?

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